Breast tattoo options and designs

Breast tattoo, like other tattoos just signifies a location that is preferred by women who want to ink themselves. Obviously, there are various discussions, arguments and opinions that prevail about the reasons why women want to get themselves inked in that specific location. But then the whole idea of a tattoo is extremely personal and, therefore, it is almost like a crime to sit judge and jury over where someone should get a tattoo if they want one. Some people feel that when a woman gets a breast tattoo she is trying to be voluptuous. Others feel that it is a desperate plea for male attention and, therefore, not feminine. While a getting a tattoo anywhere makes some kind of statement, attaching more then necessary motives to a breast tattoo is definitely uncalled for. And then again a breast tattooed women can be cute and mischievously sensuous and bold and ‘in your face’ too. It obviously is a combination of the location and the specific design that you have chosen. Small cute tattoos that are soft and cute are much appreciated. But then again if you want to be bolder, you should go ahead and do what your heart says. Below are some popular designs.

Small heart
A small heart is one popular breast tattoo that is definitely one of the favorites by far. This is also because a small red heart inked on one breast towards the cleavage is not aggressive. In fact, a cute teddy bear or a fairy can also look extremely good if created aesthetically.

A breast tattoo design that is shaped in the form of a vine can also be extremely mysterious. It gives the notion of a never ending journey and can be extended towards the abdomen too if so desired. Vines designs are also very popular for the arm and neck area.

Large tattoos starting from the shoulders
Larger tattoos that start from the shoulders on either side and culminate towards the cleavage are bolder. These make a stronger impact and can swing either way. If you have clavicles or collar bones that you know are worth flaunting then a breast tattoo such as this may look amazing when worn with an offshoulder.

Large tattoos starting from the cleavage
A breast tattoo that starts from the cleavage area can spread its ink on a wider area. Large birds with wings spread and ready for a take off is one idea that comes to the mind immediately. Another options is a flurry of butterflies emanating from the bosom towards the skies.

Identical tattoos
A tattoo each on the inner side of the breast that is identical also looks cute. In most cases the tattoo experts make one tattoo as a mirror image of the other and, therefore, it looks like almost a reflection of the other. Cat or dog paws, butterflies or fairies are good designs for this kind of breast tattoo.