Eyelash tattoo – a practical cosmetic tattoo

Eyelash tattoo, unlike most of the other ones that tattoed women get, fall under the category of cosmetic tattoos rather than the regular ones. These tattoos are generally done to enhance the specific look of the eye so as to bring forth the eyelashes in a more natural, yet pronounced manner. Done mostly in conjunction with an eyeliner tattoo, an eyelash tattoo helps in defining the eyes and making them visually more appealing and defined. Some women also opt in for other cosmetic tattoo options like an eye-shadow or eyebrow tattoos and even permanent lip coloring using the concept of a lip tattoo. Cosmetic tattoos like an eyelash tattoo or a lip tattoo are also called ‘micropigmentation’ since the process actually changes the pigmentation of the specific part permanently. The procedure is done using the regular tattoo machine or the coil machine. Sometimes the pen or the rotary machine is also used. While some feel that cosmetic tattoos like the eyelash tattoo or the lip tattoo are permanent and therefore binding, these options are great for people who are otherwise allergic to regular cosmetics. Though the enhancement can tend to get monotonous after some time, you never really have to apply eye make-up once you get it done permanently. While many people are now aware of this concept of eye tattoos and other forms of cosmetic tattoos, there are yet many questions in the minds of the people with regards to the manner in which it is carried out, the expertise required for the process and the level of safety that can be guaranteed in such a process.

Are these really permanent?
The procedure is permanent since the pigment is deposited in the dermal layer and therefore cannot be washed away. However, an eyelash tattoo tends to fade and, therefore, needs to be maintained and touched up for color enhancement. The frequency of eyelash tattoo maintenance depends on the specific dye that the expert has used but you can expect it to be anywhere between a month to 3 months after the initial eyelash tattoo has been done.

Is the procedure safe?
Like other tattoos that you may get over other parts of your body, an eyelash tattoo is also safe as long as you ensure certain sterilization and sanitary rules. Ensure all needles and machine parts are sterilized and that the tattoo technician is wearing gloves while handling the procedure. These gloves should be changed for each client and the sheets that are used should also be clean and sanitized.

Can I get side effects?
Sometimes women do get a certain swelling in the eyelid areas after getting a tattoo on the eyelash. The edema can last for only a few hours or sometimes up to three days too. Some bruising or bleeding occurs sometimes while the procedure is in progress. If you take medication for these side effects, make sure that when you get your eyelash tattoo done, you use the right antibiotics that suit your system.