Eyelid tattoo designs

Eyelid tattoos, some feel, are a result of many ink-crazy people who have covered almost every part of their body with tattoos and, therefore, have no option left but to get an eyelid tattoo. This thought probably comes to mind because the specific act of getting an eyelid tattoo is a very delicate procedure given that the skin is extremely thin on the eyelid. There are probably other factors as well that lead people to get an eyelid tattoo. While some feel that if the workmanship of the tattoo expert is good, cosmetic tattoos can be created on the eyelid to give a tattoed women one look that is right out of the beauty parlor even if it is in the wee hours of the morning. A cosmetic tattoo that mimics a black eyeliner or eye shadow can help provide that nicely maintained eye look all the time. Some people have actually experimented with getting complete eye make-up done with cosmetic tattoos so that they never really have to do eye make-up again. Some others feel that eyelids are a funky location for putting tattoos and I am sure that the man who got eyeballs designed on his eyelids agrees. It is also an interesting thought to understand that some designs may be such where one can never really see the tattoo design on her own eyelid if the eyes need to be shut to see the full design. Many people therefore need to resort of photographs of themselves to really see how their complete tattoo looks like.

Design option 1
Since there are lesser numbers of designs out there that exist for eyelid tattoos, you get a chance to get innovative and individualistic (something that tattoos are all about) and create your own. However, you could explore the option of getting eyeballs on your eyelids done. This is one of the most talked about designs on the eyelids.

Design option 2
Putting down some words is also a good idea where you can ‘say’ something while you are sleeping. For example, ‘Don’t’ and ‘Disturb’ on each of the eyelids is also another funky design option for an eyelid tattoo. Instead, you could think of other words like ‘snuggle’ and ‘up’ also.

Design option 3
A complete cosmetic eye make-up is another very practical aspect of an eyelid tattoo. The only one aspect that one needs to think through is the fact that you may need to live with an eyeliner or eye-shadow all your life (unless you remove the tattoo, which is extremely tough in this location).

Design option 4
You can also choose an eyelid tattoo that extends to other parts of the face. Something like a mask that covers the eyes and the upper part of the face is another idea. Strings that hold your eyelids so that they remain open, is another fantastic eyelid tattoo idea that you can experiment with.